Letting someone else do the work with the What to Eat Meal Plan + special offer

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Happy Valentines Day friends!! How’s your week going? Any plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day? The hubs and I normally have a pizza and movies party at home, so we keep it pretty low-key. Valentine’s Day was actually a favorite of mine to spend with my girlfriends. One of my dearest friends and I had so much fun in high school and college just goofing off and getting each other little Galentine’s gifts (before we even had the catchy name).

Today I wanted to share my experience with the What to Eat Meal plan. As I have mentioned a few times recently (sorry to be a bit of a complainer, guys), it has been crazy busy and have had very limited time to meal plan and cook.

When my friend Kelli over at Hungry Hobby asked me if I wanted to check out her new meal plan, I was both super excited and a little nervous. I was excited because I tend to fall into a rut of eating the same foods over and over from time to time, so the idea of having a healthy menu already picked out for me was pretty exciting. Particularly one that I knew would be healthy and tasty and designed by a dietician or nutritionist. But I was also a bit anxious because well, finding time has been an issue recently. Would I have time to follow the meal plan?

Turns out, The anxiety was unwarranted if anything the meal plan saved me quite a bit of time.

A few days after filling out a quick questionnaire, I was able to access my meal plan. You can arrange your days however you like, so if you know you have more time to cook on Monday and less time Tuesday, you can plan accordingly.  There are also recipes that make 1-2 servings and ones that serve more, which was convenient as I typically am making dinner for the family, not just myself, and don’t want to make two separate meals.

There is also a shopping list that is generated for the week, from your meal selections. This was a favorite feature of mine. I had planned to print it out, but I already had most of the ingredients I needed, so I just jotted down the 5 or 6 items I needed.

My breakfasts were definitely on point on the plan. I made a batch of the almond flour pancakes for breakfast on Sunday and ate them for the first few days of the week (I usually will have the same breakfast a few times a week). I also loved the loaded peanut butter and blueberry overnight oats, which were perfect for a grab and go breakfast during the work week.

I also couldn’t get enough of the “adult Lunchables” which were quick, easy and exactly the picky type of lunch that I love.

The dinners were delicious too, but not as easy to photograph as they were generally eaten while chasing playing with my toddlers. I loved how quick and easy they all were.

A couple other things of note about the WTE meal plans. All recipes are gluten-free or have gluten-free options. I don’t really stay away from gluten normally, but I think these plans would be awesome if you are newly gluten-free or just want to incorporate more gluten-free meals into your diet.  I also didn’t feel like anything was missing in my meals, which I sometimes feel like when following a specific food plan.

I also loved that it was plenty of food. The plan included three meals a day and snacks. I am an eater. So that is important to me.

The only kind of bummer was it’s not mobile friendly. I couldn’t access my shopping list or recipes on my phone. This wasn’t the biggest deal as the recipes came together really easy, so I didn’t need to reference on my phone all the time. Also, the recipes I made were also available through Kelli’s or Megan’s websites, so you could access them there.

Want to let someone else do the work of meal planning for you?  What to Eat Meal Plans is offering Pizza & Pull-Up readers 10% off using the code “10pullups.”  For Lent they will also be including a pescatarian/vegetarian meal each week.

Let me know if you give it a try.

So friends, tell me, have you ever tried a meal plan?  Doing anything for Valentine’s Day.



37 thoughts on “Letting someone else do the work with the What to Eat Meal Plan + special offer

  1. oh goodness, I need this! There are days when the simple question what’s for dinner” can make me crazy. I get so tired of thinking of meals to make (on top of everything else I have to think about). thanks for sharing this.

  2. Too cool! I wish I had someone who could meal plan for me, so I’ll have to think about this. Those pancakes look awesome. I’m seeing a play at my old college tonight with my mom and sister, so I’m excited about that! 🙂


    1. It ended up not being a big deal for me, but something to know in advance so you can print or jot it down. Hope you have a great day!

  3. This is so great! I’ve been feeling super swamped, too, so the idea of having everything planned out is fantastic. Also, I LOVE your idea of the adult lunchable. I’m totally adopting this going forward. I’m shifting to a low-carb style and was wondering what to do now that I won’t have my usual sandwich for lunch. This is such a fantastic idea 🙂

  4. Meal planning is a huge deal in my little home! The closest pre-made meal plan we ever tried was eMeals, and it just wasn’t customizable enough for us. I do my own plans now. Love how convenient the meal plan you’re using sounds! It feels so great when you find something that actually works and solves a big problem in life, right?!

  5. I agree that meal planning is so important and saves time. But I also agree that life gets so busy. I think this is a great idea that the grocery list is generated based on the meals!

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