Friday Favorites – 2/16/18

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Hey friends! How are you today? Hope you have had a great week. It has been an up and down week over here that blew by super-duper fast. This weekend is expected to be a big one as well and hopefully next week I will get to share why.

Now, let’s talk Favorites, shall we?

First up, Valentine’s with my babes. The hubs had to work that night, so it was just me and the babies. We decided to stick with the hubs and my usual tradition of pizza and a movie. I picked up heart-shaped pizzas, and the babies decided on Cars 3 on Netflix (which we have only seen a couple of dozen times).  It was a nice, relaxed evening.

I also so very much enjoyed looking at all their Valentine’s with them. They were so excited about the Valentine’s we got them (little toolkits made out of felt and mini m&ms), as well as their school Valentines. I was so in love with this particular Valentine my little miss received. One of the kids in her class has a grandparent that carves wood and made each of them a hand-carved toy, how amazing is that!

I also wanted to send a little love to Sephora. It was actually a couple of weeks ago that went in there (I used the face mask last week), but wasn’t until this week I got into all my goodies. While Sephora can get expensive in a hurry, I went in for one $5 item and walked out with a ton of samples and birthday goodies, I love that!  The bagged samples are a couple different shades of Tarte concealer and foundation.  I really like that Tarte products are more natural, vegan products without some of the add-ins I would prefer to avoid.  I will need new face makeup soon and wanted to try them out before committing.  Anyone use Tarte regularly?  Any specific other natural beauty products you would recommend?

I am also way excited about the new calendar I impulse purchased at Natural Grocers. I usually make a wall calendar with photos of the babies, but just hadn’t had a chance to. I love this one, it has different Dias de Los Muertos artwork each month.

I also tried these Bare chips while doing my fruit fast this week (I needed some texture variety), they are so good!

In online faves:

I love a good breakfast cookie and can’t wait to give these Protein breakfast cookies a try.

This Banana cake looks so delicious, and really you can’t go wrong with a generous layer of cream cheese frosting.

I have mentioned Bad Yogi before as a favorite online yoga resource.  Erin is doing a monthly Zodiac Yoga class that I think sounds so cool.  I have not taken the Aquarius one yet, but am looking forward to trying them each month.

Workout wise it has been a yoga heavy week, which has been nice and good for stress management.  I am in the mood for a good cardio and sweat session though, so hopefully this weekend. I did get in one OTF workout earlier this week and am hoping to squeeze in another one today or tomorrow. I usually try to get in a lot of walks since the weather this time of year is nice, but it’s actually been very rainy the last few days so it’s been an indoor only activity kind of week.

Now your turn, I always love hearing what you guys are up to. What was a highlight of your week? Any plans for the weekend?

Hope it’s a great one!


23 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 2/16/18

  1. Heart shaped pizzas are adorable for the kids! I can’t believe your daughter got a carved wood toy. That looks professionally done.

    A highlight of my week has been chocolate covered strawberries. I’ve had one the past two night and it’s the perfect amount of sweet to end the day with.

  2. What an awesome Valentine! I’ve never had a heart shaped pizza – genious!
    I love going to Sephora (and Ulta!) … but it can really get expensive quick! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

    1. It definitely gets pricey, I like ordering online when they throw in a bunch of samples. Hope you have a great weekend as well!

  3. That heart shaped pizza is so cute! And so is that wooden toy- what a cool thing to do. My Granddad used to make things like that for kids at the shiner’s hospital.
    HOpe you have a good weekend!

    1. That’s a wonderful thing that your granddad did, I thought it was so sweet and special! Hope you have a great weekend as well!

    1. Oh fun, hope you get lots of good info from it. I thought those classes were such good bonding time for the hubs and I. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Those heart-shaped pizzas are so festive; I love it <3. It sounds like a great yoga-filled week; do you teach yoga as well? I'm excited, because in M.A. most schools begin February break next week; this means I have a whole week to play catch up and get my ducks in a row 🙂 Woohoo!

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