Friday Favorites – 2/23/18

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Hey guys, happy last Friday of February! How has your week been? I feel like I blinked and the week was over! I think between work being busy, and us working on unpacking and getting settled into the new house, it just made the time fly by. In a good way though. Hopefully, I get to savor the coming weekend a little bit more.

In usual fashion, I wanted to share some favorites from the week. As I prepared this post I realized that I took minimal pictures this week, so I will try to work on that next week. I also always love hearing about what you are up to and what you are loving, so please play along in the comments below.

First up, getting unpacked enough to be able to cook a meal at the new house. It was only butternut squash ravioli, salad, and bread. But after what felt like way, way too much takeout for a couple of weeks, it felt good to actually prepare a meal at home. In true toddler fashion, the babies cared not for the meal I prepared and were instead all about the baguette with butter. Which I kind of understand, warm buttered sourdough is pretty amazing.

Related to cooking and the new house, I am so excited about the oven and stove in our new house. It is gas, which I had been wanting for a long time. I am planning to make this Lemon blueberry poppyseed bread from Hungry Hobby soon to celebrate my love for it.

I have also been slowly unpacking, and seeing all our books again makes me so happy. I still have a couple of boxes of books to find a place for, but something about having them out just makes me so happy.

While I have been getting back to mostly preparing our meals this week, I did have a great lunch date with a friend on Wednesday. We went to our usual sandwich spot that normally has too long a wait for hot sandwiches to get one on a lunch break. We finally wised up and placed our order before heading to the restaurant. Being able to get the grilled cheese AND having time to eat it made my day!

On the workout front, getting a little bit more back into a routine. I got in two OTF classes, and one in studio yoga class (in addition to lots at home). It was a smaller yoga class, and the instructor did lots of hands-on adjustments, which I really like. It helps me to understand what the pose should feel like.

Around the web:

This Thai confetti salad with ginger peanut sauce from Olive and Jude looks so good! I think I may make it for my book club this weekend.

Loved this reminder that we all start somewhere and it’s okay to not know what you are doing.

So tell me friends, what are you loving this week? Any big plans for the weekend? I am teaching a new class tomorrow (wish me luck), have my last 40 Days to Personal Revolution meeting and have book club on Sunday. The book is Lincoln in the Bardo: A Novel, which I did not read, but I am excited for socializing and snacks.

Hope you have a great weekend!


34 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 2/23/18

  1. Have fun unpacking! I love setting up a new house just the way I want it 🙂
    I could really go for some soup and grilled cheese right now, our winter weather is back!

  2. Unpacking sucks but it’s so worth it once everything is in place exactly how you want it.

    The bread looks amazing! I’m so jealous of your gas stove and oven. Electric is not my jam but what can you do.

  3. My kids could make a meal out of bread and butter too, if I let them! (but can’t say I blame them) How awesome that you got a new gas stove! I long for gas in my kitchen. It just seems like it makes the cooking look and taste better in some way. Enjoy!
    And thanks for the lovely recipe shout out. Hope your book club friends enjoy the confetti salad!

  4. I totally understand your feeling about books. Every time I move, the first thing I do is make sure my book closet is in the right place and my books are out of the box. Makes me feel right at home.

  5. The books look great! I’m sure that’s one thing I’d love unpacking too. hah That’s great you were able to have your full meal with your friend this week. I’m seeing a friend tonight for dinner and I’m excited! 🙂


  6. If there is a meal that contains bread that is all my kids want to eat. I used to be all about the electric stove but now that we have gas it is so much better!

  7. Happy Friday to you, too! Isn’t it the best when you can finally get back in the kitchen and cook again? That ravioli looks incredible 🙂 I loved gym class this morning; Tuesday and Friday are body pump – my favorite! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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