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Hey friends! How was your weekend?  Hope it was a great one! Ours was overall pretty good, with lots of great eats!  I am sharing my recap below and would love to hear all about your weekend.

Friday was a pretty quiet night over here.  The hubs worked late and the kids and I just relaxed a bit before I tucked them into bed. Later in the evening, we were pretty upset to find out about the UA basketball coach, as there was a report that he may have been involved in offering money to a player.  As big UA basketball fans, it was quite the blow for us.

Saturday ended up being a good family day.  To start it off I taught my new class for the first time (it is seated class geared towards older adults) and it went pretty well.  It’s a new format to me, so I have been researching moves and things to include in the class.  After class I joined the family for a bit at the park.  The rest of the morning was spent running errands and trying out a Mexican joint near our new house. This plate of cheese enchiladas, beans and rice ended up being enough for two full meals.I was also pretty thrilled to find Vega Protein Smoothie bags buy one get one free at Sprouts. I think the price was a little higher than I normally see it, but still a great deal.  The sale is through Wednesday, and they have lots of great BOGO items if you have a Sprouts near you and want to stock up.

Saturday afternoon was devoted to the slow process of unpacking and trying to figure out where things go in the new place. I had planned to attend my last 40 Days to Personal Revolution meeting but we ended up needing to take care of a few things with the old house and I had to miss it. I was pretty bummed to miss my last meeting.  Most of the meetings have workshopped poses, and we had planned to focus on inversions, which I could definitely use some help with. I am going to try to catch some of that instructor’s classes soon so I can thank her for such a wonderful experience.

That evening after the babes were in bed, a good friend stopped by for some wine and chat time, it was so nice to catch up a bit. I stayed up way later than I normally would, but as luck would have it the hubs let me sleep in until 7 am on Sunday(!), that’s like midday in my world, it was amazing!

I then headed out a spin class, which was such an awesome sweat session to start the day. This is the room pre-workout, it was a steamy jungle by the end of class.

Our Sunday continued with lots of unpacking and meal prepping (new recipes coming soon).  Until it was time to head over to my mom’s for book club.

I did not read the book (Lincoln in the Bardo: A Novel) but the consensus was, listen to the audiobook. The group said it was pretty hard to follow when reading, but that the audiobook was like listening to a play. The company and food were on point as always, and the babies had a wonderful time playing with the other little ones that were there.  Below on the right is my plate, I had to share a picture of the baked brie on the left because it got there after I made my plate, but I had to go back for some, it was delicious!

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and getting ready for the week. I did a little at home yoga flow and meditation, which ended up being a perfect little end to the weekend.

How was your weekend? Any big plans for the week? Hope you have a great day!


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    1. I find picking the right protein for you to be a little trial and error. I personally prefer vegan proteins like Vega or Sunwarrior. If you are interested in trying them, you can usually buy individual packets. If you have Amazon prime, you can also purchase single packets for 2-3 dollars and get a credit for that amount if you want to order a full size. It is a pretty sweet deal.

    1. It was son great food! Maybe try a local one that’s open to new people, I know in my town there are a few businesses that have a book club. I think our local Barre3 actually has one people can join,

  1. Hope you got the old house wrapped up! There is always so much to do when you move.
    That Mexican looks SO good too!

  2. I love meal prepping on Sunday to get the week started on the right foot! I usually tackle all the chores (laundry, cleaning the house) before gearing up for another week of work.

    1. It’s fun! Even if you miss some books here and there. I try my best to read them all but usually don’t have time to read a couple each year.

    1. To be fair, I’ve never been a late sleeper, but it is kind of sad when that becomes really sleeping in lol. For sure, the food, drinks and friends are the best part!

  3. We were just talking at my last book club that we’ll have to start having a kids book for each session too as there will soon be three kids attending.
    Sounds like a great weekend:)

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