Weekend Recap – To The Races

Hey guys! How was your weekend?

Before I jump into recapping the weekend, I wanted to apologize if you had commented in the last couple weeks and not had it show or had not received a response (or hadn’t received a response until this weekend). For some reason, I have a bunch of comments that had been flagged as spam.  Not sure why/how, but I think it’s fixed now, my apologies again.

Now let’s talk weekend, shall we? For whatever reason, I woke up in a funk on Friday. So after teaching my class, I picked up donuts for my team at work. They were super fresh and while they didn’t totally knock me out of my funk, donuts on a Friday morning are never a bad thing.

Friday after work I went to pick up the kids, and we decided to stay for an event the school was having, which was the mood booster that finally broke my funk. The kids had a great time (and wore themselves out) in the jumping castle.  I always enjoy watching them play and getting to know the other parents better.

Saturday morning started with Orangetheory. It was a tornado partner workout, which I always enjoy but don’t normally get my splat points in. So I was pleasantly surprised to get my points in with this workout.  It was a good one!

The rest of the morning was devoted to teaching class, unpacking and hanging with the kiddos. We took a midday break from chores to bake some cookies together. Turns out the babies are big peanut butter cookie fans.

Later in the afternoon, my mom came to watch the babies for a bit so we could go pick up the last of the furniture from our old house. We capped off the day with a little Mexican fiesta at home. We grilled some carne asada for the family and some shrimp for me. I made a pot of beans in the Instant Pot, and we enjoyed it all with guacamole and all the fixings. We were also inspired to make margaritas with that jalapeno limeade, which was a recent Trader Joe’s find. It is pretty delicious and not too sweet, which I appreciate.

Sunday started with glorious sleeping in. Both the babies made it to at least 6:30, which is late for them. I then hit up another Orangetheory class (feeling the soreness today), before a family trip to Costco.  While going to Costco is always a fun family event (the cart has seats for two kiddos and there are always lots of samples), I was especially excited to see that my beloved riced cauliflower was back in stock. We blow through frozen riced cauliflower and Costco’s prices cannot be beat.

After Costco, we were off to the races! There are horse races in Tucson every spring, so we went to meet my family for the event. The kids loved checking out the horses, enjoying ice cream cones and just hanging out on a beautiful day with the family.

Once we got home we did the usual prep for the week before calling it an early night.

Your turn, how was your weekend? Any fun adventures?

Hope you have a great day!


23 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – To The Races

  1. sounds like a great weekend. the tex-mex dinner looks yummy. You’ve got love when 6:30 feels like sleeping in. it will get a bit better when they are older because even if they wake up early you can still sleep in… you’ll get there!

    1. It is pretty funny how a time that was so early a few years ago feels late now. My littlest one is frequently up by 5 on the weekends, so it totally felt like sleeping in. Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Jalepeno limeade sounds amazing for a margarita! Horse racing sounds like a really fun family activity. I’ll have to look into any races by me for warmer weather.

    The fun adventure of the weekend for me was test driving the car I’m going to lease through my company. Now I have to attempt to patiently wait for it haha.

      1. 4-8 weeks which will feel very long lol. I’m getting a nice crossover type car. Since I work for the company I’d rather not share for safety reasons 🙂

  3. That cauliflower rice looks really good! There are horse races around here in the spring too and they are always fun.

    1. It is just so convenient. I hadn’t been in years, but it was a fun afternoon. Hope your day is off to a great start!

    1. I feel like I always end up impulse buying a bunch of stuff at Trader Joe’s but I am really happy with that juice find.

  4. Your peanut butter cookies look delicious. I think I need to bake with my kids next weekend! I know what you mean about sleep. My 16 month old slept in until 9:30 on Sunday! It was glorious!!!

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