Weekend recap – 3/19/18 Catching some Zzz’s and a Musical

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Hey friends, how are you today? Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Our weekend started with the usual pizza and park time, which we always look forward to. Afterward, the hubs headed out to his fantasy baseball draft, while I fell asleep putting babies to bed, lol. I actually fell asleep while putting my little guy to bed (somewhere between 7:30-8:00). The hubs woke me up to come to bed when he got home, and other than that 2-3 minutes it took to get in my bed, I was asleep for a glorious 9.5 hours. You would think after going to bed so early I’d be ready to pop up and go workout, but no, I decided to embrace rest and baby snuggles. It was a gloriously restful morning with my little family.  I think I needed the rest and am glad that I took the opportunity to get some extra sleep.

After some morning lounging, we went and bought all the groceries at TJs (seriously, I can’t stop myself from impulse buying at least 2-3 things every time I go there.

After teaching my class and hanging at home a bit, I was off to enjoy a date with my momma. We went to see The King and I, which was visiting as part of a touring production. I had actually never seen The King and I (the movie) and didn’t know what it was about. It was SO good! I love it. It was also wonderful to spend a little time with my mom hanging out and catching up.

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out with the family, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with vegan Shepard’s Pie, sautéed cabbage, and Irish soda bread.  The hubs and I also watched Hidden Figures, which was nice.  It had been a while since we had hung out and watched a movie.

Sunday morning started with an Orangetheory Class. Not only was it a great workout, but it was also their two-year anniversary party, which was fun. They had food, local vendors visiting and giveaways.  I ended up winning a shirt and towel and also got to enjoy some snacks after class.  Sadly I had no bites of that mini bundt cake, I took it home to the babies, who were more than happy to polish it off.

The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent hanging out, meal prepping and trying to pick up. I had my book club that afternoon (I managed to read the book!). I made this lightened up spinach artichoke dip to share, recipe coming soon.  The book we read was The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain, which I have mixed feelings on.  I enjoyed it while I was reading it, but the more I thought about it after, the less I liked the characters and I felt like it wasn’t as well-developed as it could have been.  The group consensus was that it would be a good beach read.

The kiddos and the hubs joined me for book club as well. The kids had a great time playing with the other kids there and the hubs was a rock star keeping an eye on them. The rest of the evening was spent getting ready for the week and crying over our broken brackets. So many upsets!

How was your weekend? Read any good books recently? If you did a bracket how’s it doing?

Hope you have a great day!


30 thoughts on “Weekend recap – 3/19/18 Catching some Zzz’s and a Musical

  1. I was really sleepy this weekend too– I think it was cumulative from the week with the time change. And yay for spinach dip- that’s always my fav too.

    1. It was amazing but surprising, I can rarely sleep more than 8 hours, even if there are no disruptions. It is such a tasty treat. Hope you had a great weekend Julie!

    1. That’s true, I feel like I always have to hit two stores on weeks I go to tjs, but I love their products.

    1. I have actually never made it, I bought a loaf at Sprouts. Some of my book club members make it, but they are far more accomplished bakers than I am.

  2. I love a good beach read so I’ll add that one to my list! Going to see a show with my mom is one of my favorite ways to spend time together. Plus it’s fun to see something new.

    1. It was a great mom date. It’s definitely a beach read, easy to follow. Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. My sister did a bracket but it’s all messed up now. LOL Sounds like you had a nice weekend – mmm…that mini bundt cake looks yummy. I’m glad you all had fun at book club! Mine is tomorrow, which should be fun. I saw the movie Love, Simon on Saturday which was great!


    1. Oh, was it good, I saw a preview and wanted to check it out. That mini cake was from this place called Nothing Bundt Cakes, they have the best frosting.

  4. looks like a good weekend. 9.5 hours of sleep sounds glorious and I bet your body was happy with the extra zzz’s the little bundt cake looks yummy, even if it had a ton of frosting on it. I’m sure your kiddos loved that treat

  5. Glad you had such a great weekend and caught up on some sleep. Haven’t seen the King and I but probably should since I have heard great things about it.

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend! It’s so great that you were able to catch up on sleep and spend such a fun afternoon with your mom 🙂 I just finished the book Big Magic and a book by Jen Sincero, which has bad language in the title – I’ll refrain from writing it here 😉 Both of which were fantastic, though!

  7. Oh my goodness that St Patty’s Day food looked deeeeelicious! Also, I totally hear you on the TJ thing. I don’t have one near me, but when I travel and come across one… I MUST BUY ALL THE THINGS. Hahahaha 🙂

  8. 9 1/2 hours sleep – oh I wish! Seems the older I get the less sleep my body allows. Ha! By the way, that dip looks delish! Glad you had a good weekend

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