Friday Favorites + a giveaway! 3/30/18

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Hey friends! How are you today? Ready for the holiday weekend? I was actually off yesterday and today, so I feel like I am already a bit settled into the weekend.

Let’s get to some favorites, shall we?

My biggest favorite of the week has been a little extra downtime. I took yesterday off for some appointments and errands and took today off to hang out with my babies since their school is closed today. It was so nice to be able to get some stuff done yesterday so that I can focus on having fun with my littles today. We are going to color some Easter eggs and have some friends coming for dinner this evening.

Speaking of the babies, they got some new duds this week and are looking pretty adorable. They needed some new Spring gear, so I was scoping out the selection on ThredUp (<-referral link, get yourself $10 off your first order). They both ended up helping me select some items for themselves. Below is a sampling of the little misses selections, she described the dress as “very oh la la.” She looks adorable in it.

The babes and I have also been loving Pig the Pug this week. We picked things up at the kid’s last Scholastic book fair and has been a favorite ever since. It is just so cute and fun.

I have also been all about the grocery store sushi recently. I haven’t found one that is as great as actually going to sushi, but have still found some pretty tasty ones. I have been grabbing them occasionally for a quick lunch and it has been helping to keep my sushi cravings at bay.

I have also been loving these Prince of Peace Ginger Chews.  I received a bag of these in a Love with Food Box not too long ago and fell in love with them.  I love that spicy sweet ginger flavor, and paired with a little lemon flavor…amazing!  I liked them so much, that I reached out to the company to learn a little more about them.  They were kind enough to send me some of their other flavors to try (currently really digging on the mango), as well as a bag of their ginger lemon chews to share.    I would love to share this favorite with you, just comment below for a chance to win.  For a bonus chance, follow me on Instagram and check out Prince of Peace’s feed, just leave a second comment letting me know you followed below.  Giveaway will be open through Monday, and I will be announcing a winner in Wednesday’s (April 4th) post.

On the workout front, there has been a variety this week.  After really enjoying the 5k Sunday, I went for a short run Tuesday evening.  It was okay, but definitely less fun than running with a friend.  Also, my shins were not loving it.  I also hit up an Orangetheory  class this week, which featured a mile row!  Other than that I have been loving some at home workouts.  I am using a trial of Physique 57 right now, which is streaming barre classes, and have also been enjoying some online yoga classes this week as well.

Around the internet this week, I am loving:

This quick glute workout from Confessions of a Mother Runner, I love a fast and effective workout!.

I have been all about quick vegetarian dinners recently, and this Vegetable Risotto from the Minimalist Baker looks right up my alley.

Spring has me thinking about carrot cake (one of the best cakes in my personal opinion, especially with a good cream cheese frosting).  So I have been delighted to see so many healthier options popping up.  These Carrot Cake Quinoa Muffins from Hungry Hobby look amazing.  This Vegan Almond Flour Carrot Cake from Skinny Fitalicious also looks pretty delicious.

So friends, what are your plans for the weekend?   Any special Easter or Passover traditions?  We are doing an Easter egg hunt with friends and having brunch with family to celebrate.

Hope you have a great weekend!


23 thoughts on “Friday Favorites + a giveaway! 3/30/18

  1. Your daughter’s dress is so cute! It honestly looks like something I would buy for myself lol.

    Nothing too special planned for this weekend for Easter. I totally dropped the ball on dying eggs but I do have some seasonal candy that I’ve been dying to break into. Just have to wait until Sunday morning. Happy Easter!

    1. You have more will power than I, I put the kids baskets together a couple of days ago and have been snacking on leftover goodies ever since

  2. I love ginger, I’ve just bought the marinated one that goes with sushi funny enough, I need to try those chews, they sound delicious 🙂

  3. Aw, cute clothes for your daughter. I’m trying to avoid clothes shopping for the moment – though I did get some new workout stuff a couple weeks ago, but that was really needed. I’m going to do a Glow in the Dark Adult Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow night at my local library with a couple friends. It should be fun! 🙂

    Happy Easter!


  4. First, I can’t believe I haven’t been here before, but I saw you left a comment on Lauren’s blog and you seemed fun so I’m glad I swung my way over 🙂 Also those ginger chews look amazing–I have followed you on instagram (and the ginger company) and will be sure to look for them in stores.

    I have tried some pretty amazing grocery store sushi, too–definitely a fraction of the cost (typically not as good, but it comes close and does the job when you are in the mood!). Plus, that risotto recipe looks amazing–thank you for sharing 🙂

    Happy Easter! I am skipping out on Passover seder tonight (shhhhh; honestly, it’s just been a long week and I’d end up sitting in 5+ hours of traffic, so my family understood) but Easter will be filled with good food and Easter egg hunting and probably a lot of leftover candy from my bf’s nieces 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hi Charlotte! Nice to meet you! Hope you have a nice, restful evening after the long week, sounds like you will still have plenty of festivities to look forward to over the weekend.

      Glad I am in good company with the grocery store sushi, it isn’t quite as good as going out, but so much cheaper and convenient.

      Those ginger chews are so good, definitely worth checking out. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Ginger lemon sounds amazing!!
    I’ve been thinking about trying ThredUp but just wonder about finding stuff that fits without trying it on.
    Happy Easter:)

    1. I definitely tend to favor brands that I am familiar with and know the fit on ThredUP. It is pretty easy to return things to them though.

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