Highlights from the weekend – Friend dates and festivities

Hey guys! How was your weekend? Any fun holiday festivities? We had a pretty good one over here until the end.  I caught a bug and was pretty down for the count yesterday

I took a couple of days off at the end of last week, so I got to enjoy an extra long weekend.  Which was nice, because I was able to get lots done and have some fun early on.  I wrote my last post late Thursday afternoon and had some adventures that followed that evening.  So I thought I would start from there and share a few highlights instead of a full recap.

Thursday evening I had a friend date at the AZ Wine Collective. It was my first time checking it out, and I loved it. It is a cute little wine bar, featuring all AZ wine.  They also have local craft beers and a local Kombucha on tap! It was such a cute little place, and you could order takeaway from some restaurants in the plaza, which was cool. After doing a tasting, we wandered across the plaza where an 80s band was performing, it was a really fun evening.

(Sorry for how blurry that bottom picture is).

Friday, the kids and I had a fun day of egg painting, playing and cake baking. We were baking a cake to have for dessert that night, as we had some friends coming over for dinner. They were so excited to make a cake for their friends. As you can see, their cake decorating skills are on point and they are big sprinkle enthusiasts.

Dinner was great!   With the move and everything, it has been a while since we did any entertaining. We had such a good time catching up with some friends and meeting their new baby! On the menu where shrimp and steak tacos with all the sides, chips, guacamole and margaritas. It was a great evening.

Saturday we enjoyed a friend Easter egg hunt and lunch at the park. The kids had a great time playing and looking for eggs with their friends. I was amazed by how quickly a group of kids can find a bunch of eggs. I felt like we hid a ton, but they found them all so fast. Picnicking in the park is also always nice.

Later in the afternoon, we also went and checked out the snakes at a local pet store. They give me the heeby-jeebys something fierce but the kids think they are so cool.

We then headed to my nephew’s birthday party! Unfortunately, a day of outdoor festivities paired with a refusal to take naps meant the kids could not hang, so we only made it about an hour into the party before we had to call it a day, still nice to see folks though.

I started coming down with some sort of stomach bug Saturday evening and sadly was not up to much celebrating on Easter. But I was able to enjoy watching my little loves open their Easter baskets and find all the goodies the Easter bunny left them.

The fam then went to my parents for Easter brunch, while I stayed cocooned on the couch. Not exactly the Easter I had planned, but at least there was lots of fun before the cooties hit.

So friends, how was your weekend? What did you do? Any big plans for the week! Remember there is still time to win the Prince of Piece candy giveaway, make sure to comment on that post today!  I will be announcing a winner on Wednesday.


20 thoughts on “Highlights from the weekend – Friend dates and festivities

  1. Aw I’m sorry you got sick but glad it was on Sunday so you still had some fun activities under your belt! The raspberry cranberry drink on the picnic table looks like it’ll have to make it’s way into my cart next time I head to Trader Joe’s. I hope you’re feeling better this morning!

  2. What a busy weekend… sorry you got sick! That cranberry drink does look good!

  3. sounds like you had a good start to your weekend even if you got the funk for Easter Sunday. Easter is a holiday that my family often ends up sick, wonder what it is with that holiday and illness? Hope you are feeling better today and you got to hear all about the Easter fun your kiddos had

    1. Maybe, I was the only one sick on Easter, but other household members had been sick earlier in the week and I feel like there has been a lot going around. Hope you had a nice holiday weekend!

  4. What a fun weekend!!! My granddaughter and I are huge sprinkle enthusiasts!! We love the look of the cake! How fun to take a stop at the pet store, we have not done that in a while, but will have to make a trip this weekend.

    1. We had not stopped by there in a long time either, but it was fun to see how excited the kids were about it. Hope you had a nice weekend as well!

  5. Sorry you got sick! At least you were able to have some time to relax this weekend. Hope you’re feeling better. I really want one of those croissants!

  6. Oh no! I’m sorry you were sick on Easter, but that’s great you had a lot of fun beforehand. Picnics in the park are lovely. I’d really like to do one whenever the weather decides to cooperate, and you know, not snow.


  7. Sounds like a lot of fun! Lunch at the park looks fun! There is still snow where I am so that won’t be happening anytime soon haha

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