Friday Favorites – 4/6/18

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Hi friends! Happy Friday to you! How was your week? We had a pretty great one over here. Nice blend of productivity, workouts, family time and a dinner out (highly unusual, we almost never get to all go out to eat together, especially not during the week).

Let’s start with something that is always a favorite in my book, good eats!

I recently discovered these cheese crisps at TJs and am loving them. I think they have been around a while, but are new to me. They are delightfully crisp and cheesy. They are also super rich, so I am happy with a few, rather than wanting to eat half a bag, which is how I normally am with crackers. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a high protein snack option or a gluten-free snack.

This week we also enjoyed a celebratory dinner with my parents at a local favorite, Guadalajara Grill. I hadn’t been there in ages, but greatly enjoyed this bigger than anticipated margarita.

As well as an equally huge enchilada sampler. That is a pork Chile verde, chicken mole and red Chile cheese enchilada. All delicious, but the Chile verde sauce was my fave. It was also so much food, I left stuffed, and had enough for my lunch plus half the hubs lunch the next day. The kids were huge fans as well, I’m pretty sure the little lady ate her weight in fresh tortilla chips.

The hubs and I started this documentary called Wild Wild Country on Netflix late last week and managed to finish it this week. It is fascinating!The documentary tells the story of a group in the 80s that essentially started a town in Oregon and did and/or was accused of tons of bizarre and awful stuff. Including trying poison a neighboring town! They were considered a religious cult, though they at one point stated they were not a religious group. At their largest, there were around 50,000 people in it. I won’t give too much away, but it was super interesting and I can’t believe I had never heard of this group before.

In online favorites:

Ashley over at A Lady Goes West is running a Water Challenge this week. Which has been a nice reminder for me to up my water intake a little, especially as it’s started to heat up in AZ.

Warm weather also means grilling weather, this Broccoli slaw recipe from Running in a Skirt sounds like the perfect accompaniment to a grilled dinner.

I really enjoyed this article, How to be a better person from The Greatist. I love little changes that can make a huge impact in your life or your interactions with others.

I have been loving all of Maureen’s cute puppy pics, you can meet her new puppy here.

Now your turn, what are you loving this week? Any big plans for the weekend? We have some kiddo related events and I have a book club meeting on Sunday that I am looking forward to.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you Monday!


22 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 4/6/18

  1. I’m intrigued by Wild Wild Country and I am putting this on my must see list. I love documentaries. I just finished watching the one about David Koresh and I was floored. The things we learn when these reports go behind the scenes. And I also upped my water game. Happy Friday!

    1. I have not seen the one about David Koresh, I will look for it. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Adding those cheese crisps to my TJ’s list now!

    Wild Wild Country showed up on my Netflix earlier this week but I wasn’t sure if it would be good so I passed over it. Now I need to go check it out because it sounds incredibly interesting.

    1. I had just scrolled past it as well, but the hubs stayed up late one night and watch the first episode and told me I need to check it out. It was really interesting.

    1. So best part about those cheese bites, the whole bag is only two servings, so even if you do eat them all, it doesn’t set you back to much, plus each serving is 15gs of protein!

  3. Oooh those chips look really yummy. I’m glad you had a nice nice out this week, and I hope you have a fab weekend. I have dance tonight and a baby shower tomorrow, but that’s about it. I’m hoping the weather won’t be too bad. *fingers crossed*


  4. That netflix show does sound pretty interesting! I have to check it out. I hope you had a nice weekend!
    THanks for featuring my recipe!

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