A Day in Eats – WIAW – 4/18/18

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Hey friends! How’s your week going? I started the week by forgetting my purse on Monday and stressing about it all day, so you might say I started out a bit scattered. This also meant that I forgot the planned out workout I had for class (it was in the notebook I carry in my purse) and had to make one up on the fly.  This ended up not being a bad thing though as I was really pleased with the workout I came up with and will be sharing it with you all soon.

Today, I thought I’d share a What I Ate Wednesday, or specifically, what I ate on my scatterbrained Monday. It was not the most exciting eating day, it was mostly random snacks and leftovers.  But it was fairly typical weekday and I always enjoy seeing what other people eat in a regular day, so without further ado.

A day in eats….

The day started as it normally does, with a big cup of water and a big iced coffee to sip while getting ready. This particular coffee contained just a splash of almond milk. Though I have recently been making iced coffee in a shaker cup, so I can add some collagen or protein powder to the mix.

On the drive to teach class, I also munched this new to me bar we received in a recent Love with Food (<- referral link) box. The kids wanted to try it, but then refused to eat it, so it became my pre-class snack. It was their loss, it tasted like a more nutbuttery version of a banana bread Larabar to me.

A little later in the morning, I had my actual breakfast of a couple hard-boiled eggs, fruit and string cheese. I love a good picky plate breakfast and have been alternating between this type of plate and smoothies as the weather has warmed up.

While it was delicious, it didn’t stay with me long, so a couple of hours later I found myself snacking on a Kombucha (Health-Ade is BOGO at Sprouts, I think today is the last day), another string cheese, grapes, and some dark chocolate fruit and puffed rice clusters (the picture is poor but they were delicious). That Kombucha is a favorite brand of mine, particularly their pink lady apple flavor, it’s so good!

Lunch was a packed rotisserie chicken sandwich with a wedge of the garlic and herb laughing cow cheese used as a spread. I also ate up our leftover dinner veggies with some dip.

After work/school, we hit up the park with some friends, which is always a major snack time. I had my fair share of these apple slices, as well as a couple handfuls of sesame sticks and banana chips. It was also a proud momma moment for me because my little miss was all about the fresh fruit instead of some of the less nutritious goodies available.

When we do the park after school, we typically get home later than I like to start dinner, so we rolled with leftovers. I had a green Chile turkey burger sans bun with provolone and more carrots and dip. Nothing fancy, but it certainly hit the spot.

Overall it was a decent day, I usually like to get more veggie variety, but felt like I got a decent amount of produce and I really enjoyed my eats throughout the day.

Question:  Are you a creature of habits with meals?  Any especially delicious recent eats?

Hope you have a great day!


26 thoughts on “A Day in Eats – WIAW – 4/18/18

  1. sounds like a tasty day to me. sorry you forgot your purse and felt flustered. it’s crazy how some thing that could sound so little could throw off your whole day and end up being not so little in the end. life and eating are about balance and it sounds like your daughter is starting to understand that in her own way. my boys tend to gravitate toward healthy foods too. they both tend to pick fruit for sweet and then go for salty

    1. It really is amazing how much those little things can throw us for a loop. I am always amazed by how kids intuitively eat what their little bodies need.

      1. it’s so true. I figured that out when my kids were little and I felt I had to makes sure they ate x,y and z then realized that over a weeks time they got all they needed. now if we as adults did that it would be great (as I just ate a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich)

  2. looks like a great day of food…love the healthy eating. Something I am trying to get better at 🙂 It’s hard to get out of a slump.

  3. I love seeing what people eat too. I tend to stick to a fairly normal routine – usually – but it’s been a bit out of whack lately. I do well during the day and then nights are a bit hit or miss. LOL I really need to find other things to do for dinner. etc.


    1. I think it helps to come up with meal ideas to check out other peoples eats. What are some of your go to meals?

    1. Maybe they will make a reappearance in your semi near future, I had not had them in years, but toddlers love them!

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