Weekend Highlights – Unmeasured workouts and grocery store alone time

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Hey guys! How was your weekend? We had another busy one over here. Not as many big outings as we have had recently, but lots of little things and the hubs had events all weekend. It kind of felt like we were just high fiving as we passed each other.

Friday night started with the usual pizza and park with friends, followed by something that doesn’t happen all that often. I went grocery shopping….ALONE.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love grocery shopping with the babies, but it was pretty nice to leisurely stroll the aisles on my own and be able to read labels.  Also, I didn’t forget anything, which pretty much never happens with the entourage in tow.

Saturday morning started with an Orangetheory Class, which was both good and frustrating. It was a great workout, but my heart rate monitor would not sync, so I could not track how I was doing. A definite first world, not a real problem, problem, but I was still a bit annoyed about it.

On Saturday I also had a mini reunion lunch with some of the ladies from my master’s program (it’s been 8 years since we graduated, ahhhh). We had lunch at Culinary Dropout. It was so nice to see them all and catch up on everyone’s lives.  I got the butternut squash cannelloni, which was good, but I was having a little burger envy.  One of the ladies ordered a burger and fries, and it looked so good.  Definitely will have to try it next time.

Sunday started with a little kiddo art project.  They were painting letters to go on their bedroom doors, they were so cute in their technique and application and had me cracking up the whole time.

Followed by another Orangetheory (the soreness is real now). Still wasn’t able to use my heart rate monitor, but I think the problem has been identified, so hopefully next time it I will be back on the board.

After class we decided it was too pretty outside to not be out and about and headed to the farmer’s market, which is always a favorite Sunday activity. The weather was lovely and that cupcake my dude picked out was amazing. Like that frosting is what dreams are made out of.  Also, I was amazed with all the rose bushes around the farmer’s market, they were beautiful!  I have tried to grow roses before and mine never got big or had more than a couple roses at a time.  Gardener friends, whats the secret?

Later in the day, the kiddos and I headed to my book club, which they always enjoy, as they get to play with the other kids and sneak more cookies than I would give them.  It was a great spread of goodies, mostly desserts, as well as the typical good conversation. We read The Power, which I don’t feel I can quite review yet, because I still have about a quarter of the book to read. The premise of the book is that women develop a new power, which is essentially a built in electrical force that can be used as a weapon.  The story then follows how the world changes with the development of this new power in women.   It was definitely a thought provoking book and I enjoyed hearing everyone’s perspectives on it.

Next month I am hosting, so I brought a few book options for the group to pick from. Thank you all for the recommendations, you guys are the best! The group ended up deciding on My Abandonment, which is based on a true story of a young girl and her father living in the Oregon wilderness. Let’s hope it’s a good one, I always get a little nervous when it’s my turn to bring some choices.

What did you do this weekend? Does it throw you off when you can’t measure your workout like you normally do? It always throws me off more than I care to admit.

Hope you have a great day!


31 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights – Unmeasured workouts and grocery store alone time

  1. sounds like a productive weekend. Roses are hard to grow and need a lot of care. they have to have the right type of soil, need to be cut a certain way at a certain time and so much more. I loveeee roses and my mom had them when I was growing up, but I won’t take on that adventure myself, too much work.

    1. Good to know it’s not just my black thumb. They are so pretty, but I have never had much luck with them.

  2. I totally get what you mean about the heart rate monitor being a first world problem. It seems like a simple thing and definitely not a big deal in the end but annoying for sure. Hopefully you can figure it out soon!

    Every time you post about going to the farmer’s market, it makes me so excited to go when the one near me opens up.

    1. When do the ones in your area open?
      I’m glad you understand, I feel silly that it bugs me, but it totally throws me off.

      1. The one closest to me opens on 5/5 so not to far away!
        Part of Orangetheory (at least with my understanding) is to see your heart rate during class so I totally get why it would throw you off.

      2. That’s coming up pretty quick! Yeah, they do measure heart rate the whole time and you aim for certain zones. So it definitely throws you off to not be able to see it.

  3. That sounds like a great book! Curious to hear what you think.
    Glad you had a good weekend too.

  4. I can’t wait until our Farmers Market opens up in the next couple weeks!
    I’m interested to hear about you think about the book – can’t wait to check it out!

    1. The power or my abandonment? I am almost done with the power, it’s been a lot darker than I expected?

  5. I am feeling a little like a loser after accomplishing virtually nothing on my weekend – lol. I did have two bloody mary’s yesterday though 🙂
    We are a blended family and my kids as well as my huband’s go with their other parents on the same weekend so this is our ‘kid free’ weekend – aka our weekend to slack off and not clean, chauffeur or anything of the sort. It is our eat out and drink up weekends.
    Next weekend mine will look much more like yours 🙂

    1. You enjoy your downtime when you can! A relaxing day and a couple of bloody Mary’s is an accomplishment in my book 😉

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! Roses need a lot of care and are not easy to grow Emily. I only buy knockout roses for my yard since I don’t have a lot of time to tend to them. They are like roses for dummies.

  7. This weekend started our vacation! YAY, so excited for a week of relaxing! Working out with the little ones can be difficult, so I’ve just been setting a timer on my phone for 30, 45, or 60 minutes and making sure that I’m doing calisthenics, jogging, walking or anything else for that amount of time! It seems to be what’s working best for me in this season of life! Orangetheory sounds like fun!

  8. I can’t even imagine how nice it must be to grocery shop alone – I went to target yesterday for my first time away from baby! I was anxious but it was nice to even just have 1 hour to myself

    1. I’m pretty sure Target was my first solo outing as a new Mom too, lol. It gets easier as they get bigger, good for you getting out on your own for a minute!

  9. I use to have a really hard time not sizing up my workouts. Had to wear my up band and all. But it became an obsession so I tossed it and now just make my goal to move. Such a huge shift for me!

  10. That book sounds so good! That’s so nice you have a book club you can bring your kids to, I NEED to find something like that! And I agree, it’s funny how I used to think of grocery shopping as a chore, but now grocery shopping alone feels so relaxing..

    1. It is nice, sometimes I go to bookclub on my own, but I love that I can bring them and that it’s fun for them when I do. It is funny how things change, it felt so luxurious to take my time picking things out. Hope you are doing well Christina!

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