Do Anywhere Body Weight Workout

Hey friends!  Hows your week going so far?  It has been a pretty good one over here.  I had made plans a week or so ago to have a later dinner with a friend last night, but had to cancel because the hubs had a work thing.  As it turned out, he ended up not having to work, and I was able to make dinner after all.  Score!

We are also in that Arizona sweet spot right now, were it is nice a lot of the day (though already roasting mid-afternoon), so I have  been enjoying a lot of outdoor family time, as well as workouts while I can.   It has been fun to be able to finally bust out some cute tank tops I got for Christmas for my workouts.  These two below make me so happy!

In honor of workouts you can take outside, I wanted to share a quick do anywhere workout with you all.  This is an AMRAP or “as many rounds as possible” workout, with 3, 8 minute blocks of work.  It is a quick and effective total body workout that can be done anywhere!


As always, feel free to customize to meet your needs and check-in with your doctor before starting on a new exercise plan.

Hope you have a great day!


39 thoughts on “Do Anywhere Body Weight Workout

    1. Thanks Erinn! I love amrap workouts, I feel like they are easy to amp up or tone down to meet your needs. Hope you have a great day!

    1. Totally, each round is only 8 minutes, you can also check on kids or grab them a snack between rounds if you need too.

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