Friday Favorites – 4/27/18 – Fair, Food and Fun!

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Hey friends! How’s your week been? It has been a pretty fun one over here, though I am feeling a bit behind on life now. We have been super go, go, go recently.  Which I actually really enjoy, but part of my brain is like yo, we need to clean, get things organized and SLEEP!

In usual fashion, I wanted to share some favorites from the week. This was a particularly fun one to put together, because there were lots of things I really enjoyed from my week.

During my solo shopping experience last week, I picked up this facial scrub from TJs. I liked that it didn’t have any funky ingredients, and at only 5.99, was a super affordable skin care find. It is nice and gentle, and makes me feel just a little pampered each time I use it.

I mentioned this on Wednesday, but I ended up getting to meet a friend for dinner on Tuesday. We went to a new Poke place in town, which I was super excited to try. It just opened a week or so ago, and it took a long time for my friend’s order to come up (she ordered before me but I had my food way before), so think they are still working out the kinks. My meal was awesome though! I went with crab and spicy tuna, I’m pretty sure I could eat a poke bowl every day.

When it comes to sunglasses, I go super cheap. I tend to be rough on them, throwing them into my purse and letting the babies play with them, so they get dinged up pretty quick. Because of this, I am always almost in need of a new pair.  The hubs picked me up this pair that I just love and am doing my darnedest to keep in good shape. I love the shape and the tint of the lenses.

The new shades came in super handy when we decided to take the kids to the fair last-minute on Wednesday. The county fair is in town, and we really hadn’t planned to go as I thought the kids were too little to be interested in rides.  However, some friends had extra tickets they offered us (Thank you!), so we decided why not, and figured we could at least enjoy some fair food and check out the animals (I love the pygmy goats).  Turns out, I was way off about the babies and rides.  They LOVED them.  I was nervous at the top of that Ferris wheel, my little guy, no fear at all, he was thrilled!  It was a great time!

Online there have been so many yummy looking things floating around.  I am especially excited to try these:

Chocolate cherry espresso oatmeal bars from Confessions of a Mother Runner.  These sound like three of my favorite flavors all combined into one healthy bar.

I love lemon desserts and these Greek yogurt lemon bars from Skinny Fitalicious sound like the perfect summer time treat.

This pasta primavera from Looney for Food looks so delicious and springy!

Also a big congrats to my friend Kelli over at Hungry Hobby.  Such exciting new and a super inspiring story.

So friends, what are you loving this week?  Any big weekend plans?  Do you splurge on sunglasses?  I will rock those free pairs they give out at events forever.

Hope you have a great weekend!


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 4/27/18 – Fair, Food and Fun!

  1. for years and years (like when my kiddos were young too) I always just picked up sunglasses at BJ”s or Target. But then I splurged on a pair from Oakley and I’ve actually managed to take care of them and have them last for years. I leave them in my car for the most part

    1. Maybe when the kids are a little bigger I’ll splurge on some nicer ones. Leaving them in the car would definitely help!

  2. I’ve seen a ton of people posting about that scrub so I’m adding it to my list for my next trip to TJ’s. The worst part of new restaurants is having to let them work out the kinks before you can really get a good read on the restaurant. Hopefully if/when you go to the poke place again it’ll all be worked out!

    The current sunglasses I have are a splurge (that my older brother ended up getting me as a birthday gift because he rocks!) but they’re polarized. I can really tell a difference and will probably always splurge on sunglasses. Although I’m sure once I have children I’ll go back to cheap sunglasses haha.

    1. Sunglasses are a great gift! I have heard that once you splurge on a nice pair it’s hard to go back. Maybe I’ll get some once the babies are a little bigger.

  3. I will have to look for that face scrub, I love Trader Joes 🙂 I am with you on cheap sunglasses all the way! I think it would stress me out to have expensive ones, I’d always be worried about losing them. Hope you have a restful weekend!

  4. My brother is always wearing free sunglasses he gets places. LOL I have glasses, and I don’t have prescription sunglasses, so I tend to wear hats. 🙂 That’s great you were able to go to the fair and the kids loved it!


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