Weekend Recap – Feeling the Mother’s Day Love

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Hey, hey! How was your weekend?

Our weekend started out on an especially fun note, we were invited to pool party/BBQ at a local community center.  It was so fun!  There was swimming, summer food and live music. After the hustle and bustle of the work week it felt like being on vacation. Most of the time I was camera free in the pool with the babes, but I did get to snag a quick picture of my little guy’s dinner. I feel like a hot dog by the pool is pretty much summer in a nutshell.

After our fun family time, I quickly got ready and headed out for a ladies night, which was also a blast! I was able to catch up with some lovely women I know, that I rarely get to see. There were also margaritas, wins all around.

Saturday morning I had every intention of going to Orangetheory, and woke up with plenty of time to, but I ended up staying home to eat breakfast with the babies and do some sticker art. It was a lovely morning, and check out that avocado toast, courtesy of chef hubs.

Later in the afternoon, we took my mom shopping and to an early dinner for Mother’s Day. We went to restaurant called Zinburger, which has delicious burgers, and is super kid friendly. I had the signature Zinburger, which has manchego cheese and braised onions. We also shared some zucchini fries. It was a great, multi-generational mom date.

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out and going to bed early. I am so glad I went to bed early, because I just could not stay asleep at all Saturday night.  I woke up around 1:00 AM and was basically awake off and on the rest of the night.

Sunday morning, while the plan was to sleep in, I ended up getting up as soon as the babes did, since I was having trouble sleeping anyways. I was greeted by beautiful homemade cards and flowers, and the hubs running out for bagels and coffee. I just love homemade cards, I think they are the sweetest thing and they always make me all misty eyed.

We then decided to make the most of the cooler morning and headed to a new to us playground. Followed by a trip to Trader Joe’s, which was mildly terrifying because we let both the kids take a try at pushing the little carts. They really enjoy it, and listen pretty well, but aren’t always super aware of where other shoppers are. Fortunately we avoided any actual run ins.

After quickly dropping off groceries, we headed to the zoo. It was a beautiful morning, and lots of animals were out. Including the otters, which are a favorite of mine.

While it was a beautiful morning, we didn’t stay too long. The kids and I were all starting to get a little hangry and we decided lunch and some chill time was needed. After lunch, I decided to take advantage of wannabe nap/rest time (my kiddos nap great at school, rarely at home) and hit up a yoga class. This class is a “karma class,” all cash donations that are donated to a local charity, which felt just right on Mother’s Day. I always love checking out the alters at yoga studios, so soothing.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying my littles. We washed cars and splashed in the baby pool while the hubs prepared us this Mediterranean kebab feast. Which included the kebabs, grilled corn, hummus and tzatzaki and grilled naan. It was such a nice way to celebrate Mother’s Day and a warm Sunday afternoon. Also, plenty of yummy leftovers for lunch mañana.

So friends, tell me about your weekend. What did you do? Any thing on the horizon for this week? Do you have summer vacation plans yet? I always gets a case of wanderlust when I start seeing graduations happening. It always seems to signal travel time to me.

Hope you have a great day!


41 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – Feeling the Mother’s Day Love

  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend Emily! The homemade cards are adorable and the flowers are gorgeous.

    The only trip I have planned for the summer is to go to Chicago/the lake to visit family. I want to head somewhere else though so maybe that’ll happen!

    1. Chicago and lake time sounds nice! I haven’t been to Chicago in ages, it is such a cool city.

    1. So good! I love zucchini fries and their’s have a nice, crunchy coating. Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful weekend Emily! I spent it with the 3 Mother’s in my life. My mom, grandma and great grandma! Im a lucky guy

  3. sounds like you had a great weekend. I think it’s a mom thing to mention the kid friendliness of a restaurant. When we are picking places to go the first thing I do is look to see if there are foods my kids will eat before I even look to see if Richard and I would eat there.

    we just made reservations for our summer vacation last night. we are heading to Hershey and Lancaster PA this year.

    1. It is one of the first things I look at too. It’s nice to know they have things they can eat and I also like knowing there will likely be other families there. That will be fun! It is so exciting to book a vacation.

  4. Hmmm you had a great mothers day. I love those Mediterranean kebabs. We had a surprised dinner for our mother which she loved 😊

    1. How cool! I am sure she loved that. It was really good, I am excited for the leftovers for lunch.

    1. Having pool access on a hot day really makes a huge difference, hope it is open soon! Have a great day Lauren!

  5. Wow, I can’t believe all the things you did on Mother’s Day. My kids and I were sick all weekend, so we just relaxed at home. Sounds like you had a great day and weekend. Your burger and zucchini fries literally made my mouth water.

  6. Happy belated Mother’s Day to you! It looked like you had a very nice weekend!

    Don’t mind me…I just went back up to stare at your burger with manchego cheese (my fave) and zucchini fries. 🙂

    This past weekend I took every opportunity to do nothing. I was pretty successful! I did, however, try a recipe from Magnolia Table. So. Darn. Good. #IMissFixerUpper

  7. What a great weekend- happy belated Mother’s Day. Those cards are so sweet!

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