Weekend Highlights – Fun in the sun

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Hey friends! How are you today? For those in the US, happy Memorial Day! Hope you are up to something fun!

The hubs and I are both off today and have some plans with the kiddos, as well as a little movie date planned.  I wanted to pop in to saw hi before we start our day, and share a few weekend highlights!

Saturday morning started way too early for a weekend (like 4:15!) because that is when the little miss decided it was time to get up. The positive to the early morning wake up was that I got some one on one time with my little miss reading a new library find.  It is a pretty cute little story.  The negative was that in my half awake stupor, I accidentally sprinkled paprika instead of cinnamon in my coffee.  Fortunately I noticed before taking a swig.

At a more reasonable early of 7:15, I headed to a spin class. Which was just what I needed to get woken up and ready for the day. I love when they have all the different club lights going, I find it to be such a mood booster.

The rest of Saturday was all usual hanging out and errand time. I was not feeling great (felt fine Sunday, so I think just allergies/tiredness), so I made popcorn and pulled out some blankets to have a little movie party with the kids in the afternoon. The hubs was out Saturday evening, so after the kids went to bed, I decided to have a little relax, Emily time. I took a bath, sipped some Reishi elixir and used a face and lip mask. The lip mask looked hilarious on, like giant pink cartoon lips.

Sunday morning we all got a little more sleep, then dug into pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

Sunday quickly shaped up to be a true Sunday fun-day. After a leisurely breakfast, I met up with a friend for a yoga and a pint workout class at a local restuarant. They have an open air courtyard, which made for a lovely yoga session. It was also a treat, and felt kinda vacation like to enjoy a beer and catch up time with a friend afterwards.

After yoga, I swooped up the fam to go swimming for a bit, then it was home for baby nap time and a little at home lunch date with the hubs. He picked us up sandwiches from Beyond Bread, I had a brie and turkey number on baguette.  Which is an all time favorite of mine.  I accessorized with carrots and hummus, grapes and a kombucha on the side.

After nap time, we quickly got ready and were off to a Memorial Weekend BBQ/house-warming party. It was with some old friends we had not seen in ages. We had a blast letting the kids play and catching up. So much so, that I forgot to snap any pictures. Oops!

How was your weekend? Are you off today? If so, any big plans?

Hope you have a great one!


27 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights – Fun in the sun

  1. You packed so much in to your weekend!
    I actually have a sample pack of a Reishi Tea – You have motivated me to try it.
    I didn’t realize how good it was for you until recently and apparently it helps with sleep too!

  2. We are celebrating Memorial Day with family and friends and visiting the graves of our loved ones. Enjoy your movie.

  3. So the accidental Paprika in the coffee sounds like Something that would happen to me. I recently added cinnamon instead of cumin to some chicken dish. Lol.

    1. How did it turn out? I know people that swear by cinnamon in spaghetti sauce, so I could see it working out on chicken.

  4. What a nice weekend. Not exactly the same but I once put baking soda instead of corn starch into a stir fry… it wasn’t pretty!

    1. I could that happening, it’s easy to grab the wrong thing when you are rushed or tired. Thanks! Hope you had a great weekend as well.

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