Workout Round Up – Quick workouts for busy days

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Hey guys, happy hump day!  How is your week going?  With the busy summer season in full swing, I know I have been trying to squeeze in workouts where I can.  I figured I am not the only one in need of quick workouts, so I thought I would share a round up of some recent favorite workouts.  All are fairly quick (think around 30 minutes or less) and are perfect for fitting into a busy summer routine.

Do anywhere (no equipment)- perfect for outside or a quick vacation workout (if you are into that sort of thing):

Do anywhere body weight workout

Quickie lower body workout

12 days of Christmas workout (don’t let the name fool you, it’s a great workout anytime

Running in a skirt’s heart racing no equipment workout

Do anywhere running workout

Minimal equipment:

Jump rope tabata workout

3 x 3 workout

Tap it Out workout

Cardio Workouts:

Peanut Butter Finger’s cardio workout

AMRAP workout

Running workout


Yoga & Barre:

Bad Yogi’s no mat yoga

Fitnessista’s classic at home barre workout

25 minute vinyasa for shoulders and hips

So friends, where do you prefer to workout? Do you workout when traveling?  I will often try to start the day with a workout while traveling, but make exploring more of a priority.  I find that I am typically walking a lot while traveling anyhow.

Hope you have a great day!


46 thoughts on “Workout Round Up – Quick workouts for busy days

  1. I love quick workouts. When I am short on time I find a 10-15 minute you tube video and then I make sure I do a lot of walking that day.

    1. Great job getting some movement in! I find that even if I only have 10-15 min to work out, it makes such a huge difference in my mood.

    1. Thanks! Some days all you have is 10 or 15 min, but it’s still enough time to get a quick workout in.

    1. I feel ya! I love exploring on foot, so I feel like I always get lots of steps in while I’m traveling

  2. Body weight circuits are awesome for traveling! I try to workout while traveling but just tell myself if I can’t due to time then it’s okay. A few missed days won’t kill me.

    1. That’s pretty much my approach too. I like to get a workout in, but don’t lose any sleep over it if I don’t.

  3. I need to check out some of these workout! Now that Summer is here and I have 3 kids at home, I rarely have time to go to the gym. My favorite at home workouts are high intensity body weight workouts.

  4. Thank you for putting all these workouts together! I’m in need of some home workouts so I’m going to save this post! Awesome!!

  5. These are my favorite kind of workouts! Fast and effective! Plus you can do them pretty much anywhere. Thanks for the great ideas. I can never have enough variation.

  6. Yes! I always say something is better than nothing! I like searching youtube for quick 15-20 minute workouts when I’m short on time! And when I’m traveling, sometimes I’ll go on a run, but like you, I enjoy walking around a new city to explore!

  7. I have always wanted to try barre exercises at home and lately have been into doing yoga (while my two kids climb all over me). I will have to give your recommendations a try.

    1. Barre3 has an only challenge with free videos coming up, I will share the link for it in my Friday Favorites tomorrow. I like to think of the kids as bonus strength training when the do yoga with me lol.

  8. Legit bookmarking this to do first thing tomorrow morning! Thank you for such a cool list!

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