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Hey friends! How are you today? I am back after a bit of a whirlwind trip. The hubs birthday is later this week, and this year I wanted to surprise him with a little Vegas trip. When we went to a friend’s wedding in Vegas last year, he was so disappointed that the Golden Nugget’s famous shark tank was closed. I knew I wanted to take him back to experience it.

So Friday when he got home from work, I finally spilled on the surprise.  I just love when a good surprise works out.  He had no idea, and was so excited.  We soaked up a little time snuggling our babies before it was time to drop them off with grandma.  Then we were off to the airport to catch a later flight.

We didn’t get to our hotel until a little after 9 pm and arriving into Vegas in full swing is always a little overwhelming.  There were SO MANY people out and about.

Saturday morning, in true Emily form, I was up bright and early. I was really hoping to sleep in, since I so rarely have the opportunity.  But sadly, it was just not in the cards. Instead, I let the hubs sleep in and got a quick arm and cardio workout in. The rest of Saturday was spent largely at the pool, relaxing and being enthralled by the sharks. The hotel we stayed at has a huge tank that the pool wraps around. The sharks and fish going by were so mesmerizing. We also each went down the water slide a few times. It had been years since I had been on a water slide, and I forgot how much fun they could be!  The water slide actually cuts through the tank, which is pretty cool even though you are moving so fast, you can’t really see much.

Saturday evening we went to dinner and did lots of Vegas exploring, including checking out some of the old casinos. The decor in some of them was so cool. All the old school, fancy decor of yesteryear. Check out this ceiling, it was my favorite of the old casinos.

Sunday we headed to the airport pretty early, eager to reunite with our little loves.

Now for some blog related news. As my schedule and life obligations have changed over the last year, the time I have to devote to the blog has been limited. I still love connecting with you all, but may be posting less or taking some time away from the blog as I figure things out.

Love – Em


25 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights – Viva Las Vegas + blog news

  1. Can’t believe you guys were brave enough to go through the slide! Happy birthday to husband! Glad you two had fun here in Vegas. 🙂

  2. Oh how fun! I’m glad it was able to be a surprise for your husband. I’ve never been to Vegas but I’d love to visit someday! They have so many fun shows, so it would be awesome to check out one or two of those!

    Don’t worry about having to blog less, etc. I mean, I’ll miss you around the blog world, but sometimes your life/schedule changes and you have to adjust!


    1. They do have awesome shows! We saw Love once, which is the Beatles themed Cirque de Soleil, it was so cool.

      Thanks lady! I appreciate that.

  3. Aww what a fun time!!! And girl, we have all been there- no worries. We will be here for whenever you decide to pop in 🙂 XO (also, you’ll be proud- I did an OTF class today!!! LOVED it!)

  4. It always amazes me how you pack so much into a weekend! Looks like a total blast.
    I can definitely understand needing to spend less time blogging…taking a break has been just what I’ve needed!

    1. Thanks Erinn! I was wiped out on Sunday, in bed by 8pm lol.

      I have missed ya, but glad to hear you are taking care of yourself.

  5. What a cool surprise!!! I know that feeling (literally right after I started blogging haha). Look forward to your posts either way!

  6. I didn’t know you could have sharks around your pool in Vegas.. how fun! Great job pulling off the surprise… and I feel you with limited time
    Blogging. Things are tough right now but I enjoy doing it and reading others when I can

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