Workout Round Up – Quick workouts for busy days

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Hey guys, happy hump day!  How is your week going?  With the busy summer season in full swing, I know I have been trying to squeeze in workouts where I can.  I figured I am not the only one in need of quick workouts, so I thought I would share a round up of some recent favorite workouts.  All are fairly quick (think around 30 minutes or less) and are perfect for fitting into a busy summer routine.

Do anywhere (no equipment)- perfect for outside or a quick vacation workout (if you are into that sort of thing):

Do anywhere body weight workout

Quickie lower body workout

12 days of Christmas workout (don’t let the name fool you, it’s a great workout anytime

Running in a skirt’s heart racing no equipment workout

Do anywhere running workout

Minimal equipment:

Jump rope tabata workout

3 x 3 workout

Tap it Out workout

Cardio Workouts:

Peanut Butter Finger’s cardio workout

AMRAP workout

Running workout


Yoga & Barre:

Bad Yogi’s no mat yoga

Fitnessista’s classic at home barre workout

25 minute vinyasa for shoulders and hips

So friends, where do you prefer to workout? Do you workout when traveling?  I will often try to start the day with a workout while traveling, but make exploring more of a priority.  I find that I am typically walking a lot while traveling anyhow.

Hope you have a great day!


Do Anywhere Body Weight Workout

Hey friends!  Hows your week going so far?  It has been a pretty good one over here.  I had made plans a week or so ago to have a later dinner with a friend last night, but had to cancel because the hubs had a work thing.  As it turned out, he ended up not having to work, and I was able to make dinner after all.  Score!

We are also in that Arizona sweet spot right now, were it is nice a lot of the day (though already roasting mid-afternoon), so I have  been enjoying a lot of outdoor family time, as well as workouts while I can.   It has been fun to be able to finally bust out some cute tank tops I got for Christmas for my workouts.  These two below make me so happy!

In honor of workouts you can take outside, I wanted to share a quick do anywhere workout with you all.  This is an AMRAP or “as many rounds as possible” workout, with 3, 8 minute blocks of work.  It is a quick and effective total body workout that can be done anywhere!


As always, feel free to customize to meet your needs and check-in with your doctor before starting on a new exercise plan.

Hope you have a great day!

15-Minute Chickpea Masala

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Hey friends, happy hump day!  How is your week going? We have been a rocking and a rolling over here.  On Monday, I had planned to catch a yoga class after dinner.  But instead, the kids and I stayed at the park late after school, celebrating a friend’s birthday and playing with school friends. I probably still could have made yoga, but the hubs suggested we order in from a pizza place he wanted to try, and pizza with the fam > better than class (even my favorite yoga class).  I did do a little yoga flow at home and managed to squeeze in a late yoga class yesterday, so I am calling it a win all around.

Today I wanted to share a super easy recipe for a quick weeknight dinner.  This recipe comes together in about 15 minutes with minimal ingredients. It is also vegetarian, so perfect for my vegetarian friends, a quick meat-free Lent dinner, or for anyone trying to get more plant-based meals in their diet.  We loved this meal, and you can easily change it up by subbing in other veggies.  I definitely see this being a weeknight go-to for us.

15-Minute Chickpea Masala

Serves 4


  • 1 tablespoon oil (I used grape seed oil)
  • 12 oz broccoli florets (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 can (15 oz) chickpeas, drained
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • A sprinkle of cumin
  • A sprinkle of turmeric
  • 1 jar (15 oz) masala sauce
  • to serve: brown rice, lemon, and cilantro for garnish

 Directions: In a frying or saute pan, heat oil over medium-high heat.  Add broccoli and chickpeas and saute about 5 minutes.  Add garlic, turmeric, and cumin and stir for another minute.  Pour in masala sauce, as well as a little water if the sauce is really thick already.  Simmer for about 7-10 minutes until hot and broccoli cooked to preference.  Serve over brown rice (I used the instant frozen brown rice from Trader Joes, which microwaves in 3 minutes).  Garnish with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a sprinkle of cilantro.  Enjoy!

Looking for other easy weeknight dinners?  How about my Weeknight eggroll in a bowl or a Cuban Chicken Bowl.

What are you eating this week?

Hope you have a great day!



3 x 3 workout

Hey friends, how are you today? It may just be me, but I feel like this has been a super long week already, especially considering I had Monday off.  I already have my eye on the weekend prize, lol.

While this week hasn’t been quite as crazy as last week, it’s still been difficult to make it to the gym or classes (I miss you spin class, I’ll be back soon).  So I have been relying on at home workouts a lot. Even when things are super busy, I try to squeeze in at least 20-30 minutes a day for a workout. It is a huge stress reliever for me and always ends up being time well spent.

I put together this workout recently and really enjoyed it.  It starts with longer, tougher rounds, and decreases in duration each round. Which is one of my favorite style of workouts.  The whole thing should take under 30 minutes.  A pair of dumbbells is needed for the bicep curls and tricep extensions, but you could sub in push-ups and tricep dips for a no equipment, do anywhere option.

As always, check with a doctor before starting a new workout routine and listen to your body.  Hope you enjoy this workout!

Quickie Lower Body Workout

Hola! How are you today? As I mentioned yesterday, it has been quite the busy week so far.  No complaints, sometimes busy is good, but I have not been able to make it to any of the workout classes I normally try to catch.  Instead, I have been squeezing in quick workouts where I can.

I love getting a nice, hour-long workout in, but sometimes all ya got is 10-20 minutes. This quick lower body workout is perfect for when you want to get some real work in, but are short on time. It is a do anywhere workout, that can also be paired with a cardio session (time permitting of course). While it focuses on the lower body, it will definitely work into the core and arms a bit as well.

Let me know if you give it a try.  Are you a fan of quick workouts? I used to be more all or nothing about workouts and would end up skipping the gym if I didn’t have as much time as I needed for the workout I wanted to do.  Nowadays, I am all about quick, do anywhere workouts, and really savor it when I have the time for a longer gym session.

See you tomorrow for some Friday Favorites!  Hope you have a great day!

Jerk shrimp lettuce wraps with plantains

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Hey Friends, happy hump day.  How was your Halloween?  I am writing this post in advance because I knew I would not get a chance to sit down to write with all the Halloween festivities last night.

When I have had a couple of days of more indulgent eating, I always start to crave something healthy and on the lighter side.  These Jerk shrimp lettuce wraps and plantains make for a perfect healthy meal.  Flavorful, packed full of fruits and veggies, and with a fun little kick from the jerk seasoning.  Bonus, this can easily be a single pan meal.  I usually cook my plantains, then stick them in the microwave or oven to keep warm while I cook my shrimp in the same pan.

Jerk Shrimp Lettuce Wraps with Plantains (Serves 2-3)


For plantains:

  • 1 plantain
  • 1-2 tablespoons Olive Oil
  • Salt and pepper

For Shrimp Lettuce Wraps:

  • 1 pound large shrimp, peeled and tails removed
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon Jerk seasoning
  • Shredded red cabbage
  • Butter lettuce
  • Mango salsa*

Directions: Separate lettuce leaves, wash and let dry.  Peel, then slice plantain into about 1/4 inch slices.  Heat oil in a pan over medium heat.  Season plantains with salt and pepper and cook in a single layer.  Cook for 1-2 minutes per side, or until a light golden brown.  Once cooked, place on a paper towel-lined plate and set aside.

Toss shrimp in jerk seasoning.  Saute in one tablespoon olive oil on medium heat until shrimp are pink, about 5-7 minutes.

To assemble, put a small about of red cabbage in a lettuce leaf, add 2-3 shrimp and top with mango salsa.  I have included a simple recipe for mango salsa below, but feel free to use store-bought to save time.


**Bonus serving idea:  Try sprinkling some crushed peanuts on top.  I did this some leftover wraps and it was delicious!


Mango salsa: 1 mango, 1/4 chopped cilantro, 1/4 bell pepper, juice of half a lemon, juice of half a lime.  Dice mango and bell pepper, combine all ingredients in a bowl.  Chill and serve.

Let me know if you give them a try.




Quick total body strength and cardio workout 

Happy hump day friends!  How are you?  How was your Tuesday?  I forgot to finish my makeup yesterday (I put on eyeshadow but forgot my eyeliner and mascara).  It really wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was out of character for me and kind of a weird way to start the day.  Fortunately, I got back on track and felt pretty focused the rest of the day

Hell week at Orangetheory started yesterday, and I am participating, so that will pretty much be my workouts this week.  I wanted to share a workout I did last week though, which I really enjoyed.  This is a quick total body workout, that incorporates small bouts of cardio.  This workout can be done at home, using only a set of dumbbells.  The type of cardio is up to you, but aim for higher intensity to get the heart rate up.  If you are outside, a jog or run works well.  If you are in a gym, your cardio machine of choice will work (I am partial to the rower for short bursts like this).  At home, jumping jacks, burpees, jogging in place or any other cardio moves can be used.  If you are looking for a more challenging or longer workout, the full workout can be repeated.

For each round complete 12 repetitions of each exercise, then 10 of each, and last 8 of each before moving to the cardio.  After completing the cardio, move to the next round of exercises.

As always, please modify to meet your needs and listen to your body.

What workouts have you been enjoying recently?  Do you prefer to workout at home or at the gym?  Orangetheory friends, are you participating in hell week?


Creepy Cardio Workout

Hey, welcome to the blog today!  Hope your week is off to a great start.

My mom had offered to come watch the babies last night so the hubs and I could enjoy a little date (thanks, mom)! We headed to Roadhouse cinemas to catch a screening of It.  I love Roadhouse, you reserve seats in advance, so there is not the rush to get there early for the best seats.  They are also full service and have a drink and dinner menu.  A server comes and gets your order prior to the show starting and brings your food and drinks right to you.  There is also a ton of leg room, which the hubs is especially appreciative of, he is pretty tall.

I was a little nervous to go see It.  I actually love horror movies.  Or at least, I love the traditional Nightmare on Elm Street variety.  I really don’t care for the newer ones with realistic violence and I can’t stomach torture movies.  Anyhow, while I like horror movies, I have a bit of a clown phobia, which I am pretty sure is a result of seeing the original It, so I was apprehensive about seeing this remake.  I don’t think my clown phobia will be going away anytime soon, but it was nice to get out and enjoy a date night with the hubs.  We both agreed that the movie is well done and SUPER creepy.

Since I have creepy, Halloween stuff on the brain right now, I wanted to share this creepy cardio workout with you today!  Ok, maybe it isn’t especially creepy, but it is a great little cardio workout in 30 minutes.

I set this up as a running workout so it could be done on a treadmill or outside.  If running is not your jam though you could easily complete it on the elliptical or bike and approach the jogs as a medium effort, the runs as an increased effort and the sprints as an all-out effort.

Creepy cardio workout (1)

As always, listen to your body and adapt as needed.  Let me know if you give it a try.

Question: Do you like horror movies?  Seen any good movies on Netflix recently?  We rarely go to the movies, but it is always nice to have some in the queue on Netflix or Hulu.

What is your preferred type of cardio?

Blueberry Almond Butter Rice Pudding

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Last Saturday, I woke up in the mood for something sweet and comforting for breakfast.  I knew I would be teaching class in just a few hours though and would be having a more indulgent evening.  So I wanted something that would fuel me, and not be too overly indulgent or sugary.  I decided to go with a rice pudding. The blueberries and almond milk added a nice sweetness, so I ended up only using a small amount of sugar. The almond butter in this recipe makes it thick and creamy.  Even the hubs loved this recipe, and he is not normally a rice pudding fan.  This recipe is vegan as written, but please feel free to sub in another type of milk if preferred.


Blueberry Almond Butter Rice Pudding

Makes about 6 servings


  • 1 cup rice (I used white, I think brown would also work well)
  • 4 cups almond milk (plus extra, as needed)
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 cinnamon stick (or ground cinnamon)
  • 2 heaping tablespoons Almond butter
  • 1/2 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)

Directions:  Add rice, almond milk, brown sugar, salt and cinnamon stick (or a generous sprinkle of ground cinnamon) to a pot.  On high, bring to a boil.  Once at a boil, reduce to a simmer and cover.  Cook according to rice directions (probably about 20-25 minutes), until rice is tender and liquid is mostly absorbed.  Remove cinnamon stick.  Add almond butter and additional almond milk (if needed), stir until combined.  Add in blueberries.  If using frozen blueberries, continue to warm on the stove (on simmer) until berries are defrosted.  Optional, serve with an almond butter drizzle and additional blueberries.


What are your favorite comfort foods?  My grandma makes the best rice puddings and it is one of my favorite sweet comfort foods.

Hope you have a great day!


Fall into Fitness Workout

Hey guys, how are you today?  Happy Thursday!  Also, happy fall eve!  Tomorrow is the official start of fall.  It is still pretty hot here in AZ, but I am all about the fall things anyways.  I am excited about fall adventures and have been enjoying iced pumpkin spice coffee for a couple of weeks now.

Today I wanted to share a quick workout with you.  I did this workout last weekend, and it was quick (about 15 minutes) but challenging.  So it is great if you are short on time.  You can also repeat it if you are looking for a longer workout.  You will need a set of dumbbells and a bench or step (I used the bottom step on my stairs).  To complete, warm up for few minutes first.  Then begin with the first circuit, the step up to bicep curl and froggers.  You will complete 12 of the step-up curls (first exercise), then 8 froggers (second exercise).  Then 10 of the first exercise, followed by 8 of the second exercise.  The last set is 8 of the first exercise followed by 8 of the second exercise.  This circuit is followed by a quick round of cardio (toe taps) before moving on to the next circuit (lunge with lateral lifts and release push-ups).  The format for the second and third circuits is the same as the first.  You will move through one circuit, then to the cardio burst, then onto the next circuit.

Fall into Fitness

As always, listen to your body and modify as needed.   Hope you enjoy!

Questions:  What are you most excited about this fall?  Do you have any favorite fall fitness activities?  I love going for jogs and hiking as the weather cools off.